about kaleigh


Hi! I’m Kaleigh, and I am so glad you’ve landed here.

My photographic approach has one focus: you. I love getting to know your story, your passions, and feel so blessed to get a glimpse into your life and be a part of documenting it.

I aspire to tell the truth in my work always, imperfections and all. I create with the intention of sharing the intimate bits and pieces of life that bring us joy, inspiration, lessons, and growth. I currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and will gladly travel.

A little about me:

  • I’m an INFJ. (Yeah, the 1%.) Creative, passionate, and perfectionistic – I am inspired by good + honest conversation (preferably over a feast at a table surrounded by friends or family), quirks, and the unordinary.
  • I am a daughter of the King, and each day I learn more and more about the grace He so freely gives. Life is so, so short and He is so, so good.
  • I am married to a wonderful man. Bryan and I are complete opposites. He is the grounded one, always holding a balloon on a long, long string (me.) We love to travel, but also really love being at home.
  • I have a BS in Marketing and a minor in e-Commerce. I was allowed some creative freedom during my time in the corporate world, but found nothing compared to photographing full time, so I quit my “real” job to pursue my passions which include (but are not limited to): photography, homemaking, decor, trying new recipes, traveling, and fellowship in our community. I also adore children and volunteer in children’s ministry.
  • I drink my coffee black and it’s usually half-caffeinated. (Cue the weird looks.)
  • My dog’s name is Lennox and I can’t believe it took me this many bullet points to tell you about him! He’s a double doodle – labradoodle and goldendoodle mix. We love his guts.
  • Big lover of authentic Asian food, indoor plants, comfy-cozy decor, and the color white. I also love big sleeves and hope the trend never dies.
  • I honestly find something to love about each and every one of my clients and feel so grateful to spend time with such amazing people on their biggest days.

We all have stories to tell, and my hope is to establish a life that’s full of getting to know them. I believe in integrity, I believe in compassion, and I believe that together we can create something really, really beautiful.

If you’re interested in working with me, simply fill out the form on this page and I’ll be in touch.

I can’t wait to meet you!



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