As we enter into the new year, we’re looking forward to the many changes that lie ahead for us and we’re extremely hopeful, excited, and ready to step into the next chapter God has laid out for us. Bryan has accepted a position in Charlotte, North Carolina to begin this Spring, shortly after he finishes his MBA at TCU! It’s been the longest and shortest two years of our lives — all while navigating the changing and evolving world. But we are SO grateful to have experienced how God leads and provides for us.

To be honest, even though we went into this Texas chapter knowing it was temporary, the upcoming changes and soon to be moving parts and pieces still can feel a little overwhelming and messy — In a sense it feels like we’ve just finally begun to settle in, make great friends, and feel “at home” here. But if there’s anything I know about faith and trusting, it’s that in order for us to move ahead with peace, it’s absolutely necessary to look back and see all of the goodness and how God provided for us in our current and previous seasons — and boy, there has been so much provision and protection over us these last two years.

The joys: I’ve made dear friends in the most unlikely places. Created a home and refuge out of a two bedroom apartment on the edge of the city — something we both have never experienced. Took up pottery (and stuck with it!) for the entirety of my time here, and plan to continue. Pursued (and still am pursuing) health, balance, and restoration in my body. Worked with beautiful individuals and challenged myself creatively. Leaned into my calling as a wife first. Rested, rested, and rested some more. All while Bryan has not only practically finished his master’s degree, but has excelled at every turn.

We’ve both learned and enjoyed an entirely new culture — Texas is something, y’all. I had to see it to believe it. The Tex mex, southern culture, extremely dry and hot summers, real life cowboys, the best margaritas (!) and sunshine almost daily. It’s been so wildly different. This chapter has shown us the grit, strength, and fortitude we both had in us all along and didn’t quite know it yet.

I am so thrilled (albeit a little nervous!) to embark on this next chapter together. We’ve heard so many wonderful things about Charlotte, and can’t wait to make a home and find community there. We are hoping to buy a home in the near future, and plan to be settled in late Spring.

Cheers to moving forward with courage, and leaning into the adventure — Stay tuned.




  1. Michelle DeGroot on January 19, 2021 at 9:56 am

    Good luck to you guys!!! What a beautiful place to move to! We will keep you in our prayers ! Crazy how God works and brings us different places, our world is ever changing but our God is always constant!! Keep up your strong faith you two and congrats to Bryan for all his achievements! Kaleigh that’s great all the things you picked up and learned on the way exploring new things is amazing! We thank you so much for that snowblower… we thought of you for sure when we moved and have a giant driveway and a big first heavy snowfall that was not so bad because of this amazing gift from you guys! Keep us all up to speed on things, I loved reading this! Love you guys!
    Michelle DeGroot ☺️

  2. Angela on January 19, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    You are a testimony to God’s faithfulness in the highs and lows of each adventure. You bring Him glory. God bless you mightily in this next one!

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