Every time I thought of starting this journey of publicly sharing my thoughts online, I would shy away — it felt too much like a new notebook, and for me, new notebooks mean committing to: *one* pen for consistency, polished handwriting (for the first few pages anyways), and saying something meaningful and thought provoking on that first page. Setting the tone for the entire notebook, if you will. *sigh*, THE PRESSURE.  I have gotten better about these perfectionistic habits, but I still fall into this thinking every now and then. Especially with first impressions.

I wrestle with being “too deep” or not deep at all — how does one share her greatest life revelations and her weekly outfits all in one place? (It’s truly a mystery, but we’re about to find out.)  I couldn’t ever nail down exactly what I wanted to share in this space while conveying it effortlessly, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I will never have the perfect words or right ideas or solid direction — so why not just go for it?

Well, I’m going for it, and I wanted to introduce myself first and foremost. If you’re here, the likelihood of you knowing this is high, but for formalities sake, my name is Kaleigh! I am married to a wonderful man named Bryan (I call him B, for short.) We met the night I graduated college and that was the greatest graduation present of all time (Thank you, Jesus.) We’ve been inseparable since. We have a labradoodle named Lennox, who truly warms our hearts from the inside out each day! I don’t know a greater joy than a dog who affectionately fetches one of his toys for you *every* time you return home from being away, even if it was a quick step out only to go check the mail. A little family of three.

We recently moved all the way down to Fort Worth, Texas from Grand Rapids, Michigan for B’s full time MBA program — but I am a Midwest gal through and through. That’s where I grew up, met my greatest friends, and lived most of my life up until now. We’re settled here for the next two years, with an added summer-long stint in North Carolina for Bryan’s upcoming internship, leaving us pretty nomadic and without roots in this current season of our lives. 

I am a stay at home wife (yes, those exist in 2020) with an affinity for some freelance marketing & photography work. I am grateful I can work whenever, wherever, and still prioritize serving my home for the most part. Some things that I enjoy, in no particular order: Asian food, shopping, long Marco Polo talks with long-distance girlfriends, travel, cooking, researching, intentional living, a full night’s rest, sunshine, attainable fashion, and all things home.

I saved the best for last — The most important aspect of my life is my constant pursuit of Jesus, however jagged and criss-crossed. Who He is, what He did, and how He has the power to radically change a life, including yours & mine, will always bewilder me and make me want to know more. I just recently started a more consistent, deeper walk with the Lord — hardships and changes and life will require that of you (if you’re lucky.) I will share about this and His guidance in our lives often, because He is our personal compass (and when He’s not, I’ve personally noticed that we’re usually headed in the wrong direction.)

So, welcome! I plan to share whatever is inspiring me every now and then — from our current life journey, to food, fashion, travel, life lessons, home, health, and whatever strikes me. There’s really no limit to where this could go. Here’s to not coloring inside of the lines!



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